Polystyrene Sheets / PS sheet

Manufacturer of Polystyrene Sheets and PS sheet
Elastin International Corp. is specialized in manufacturing Polystyrene Crystal Sheet, Polystyrene Glass Clear Sheet and Polystyrene Sheet (clear for vacuum forming)for many years.
We constantly improve our techniques and upgrade technology to provide the best product to our customers.
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Polystyrene Sheets (clear)

Polystyrene Sheets(for vacuum forming)
Our company has devoted in Polystyrene Sheets(PS Sheet) industry for more than 17 years. A ...

PS Crystal Sheet

Polystyrene Sheets (for shower doors)
With nationwide supply chains, we are a renowned Polystyrene Sheet company in Taiwan marke ...

PS Glass Clear Sheet

Polystyrene Sheets (for lighting shade)
Elastin International Corp. is a well-known manufacturer of premium grade Polystyrene Shee ...