Elastin International Corp.

Established in 1997, Elastin is an experienced manufacturer & exporter of calendering PVC sheeting, hot stamping foil, Book Binding paper, Polycarbonate sheet , Polystyrene sheets ,PVC fabric , PEVA sheet, printed sheets, Acrylic sheet and silicone roller for various application. Core Values of Elastin: flexible service, Professionalism, Quality assurance and Customer Satisfaction. Elastin is a trustworthy company. Welcome your visit to our website. Please specify your requirement in detail. So that we can follow up and meet your need promptly.

Non-Woven Leather Manufacturer

For more than 20 years, Elastin International Corp. has been committed to providing PVC non-woven leather of the highest quality and greatest value to its customers. Our PVC non-woven leather is fabricated using premium quality materials that are tested for their efficiency and durability. If you have questions concerning our PVC non-woven leather, please feel free to get in touch with the contact person responsible for your region, use our general Contact Form or Contact Us at the headquarters. We are here for you!
PVC non-woven leather Manufacturer
Elastin International Corp. has devoted in PVC Non-Woven Leather industry for many years.
As a leading supplier of PVC non-woven leather for sofa and Printed PVC non-woven leather for nursery bag in Taiwan, we pay much attention on customer satisfaction and keep providing high quality products and competitive price to them.

Printed PVC Non-woven Leather

Non woven fabric (for mommy bag)

Elastin is one of the leading company in PVC Non-woven Leather industry with its high quality and competitive price. We provide PVC Non-woven Leather for sofa and Printed PVC Non-woven Leather for nursery bag. Our goal is to provide customers products of high quality, competitive price, and superior services.

PVC Non-woven Leather for sofa

Non Woven Fabric (for upholstery)

Our company is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of PVC Non-woven Leather, providing PVC Non-woven Leather for sofa and Printed PVC Non-woven Leather for nursery bag and so on. Products of superior quality and competitive price are our steadfast guarantee to our customers.
Elastin International Corp. believes in working with our customers to add value by looking at the way the product is used, suggesting improvements to the design, manufacturing process, packaging or purchasing methods to maximize their efficiency. Top quality and high-grade PVC non-woven leather featuring a unique ergonomic design allowing for a more comfortable holding position. The PVC non-woven leather provides more strength and durability. Our mission is to strive for excellence in all phases of our business and to insure complete customer satisfaction.