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Established in 1997, Elastin is an experienced manufacturer & exporter of calendering PVC sheeting, hot stamping foil, Book Binding paper, Polycarbonate sheet , Polystyrene sheets ,PVC fabric , PEVA sheet, printed sheets, Acrylic sheet and silicone roller for various application. Core Values of Elastin: flexible service, Professionalism, Quality assurance and Customer Satisfaction. Elastin is a trustworthy company. Welcome your visit to our website. Please specify your requirement in detail. So that we can follow up and meet your need promptly.

Folding Boxes Supplier

Elastin International Corp. founded in 1997 to venture into the competitive and challenging world of security system and provide solutions of folding boxes and related security solutions. Our range of folding boxes meet connectivity challenges in a wide array of environments and conditions. We work collaboratively and innovate globally.
With an extensive range available in stock and our fast, reliable service and support, Elastin International Corp. makes it easy for you to find and buy what you need. Furthermore, we provide customized solutions to our clients based on their demands and assure delivery of all consignments within the promised time-frame.
Folding Boxes

Folding Box

PP Folding Box

Backed by the expertise of our team, our company is persistently engaged in providing PP Folding Box that is at par with the international quality standard. If you are interested in our Folding Box, welcome contact with us immediately.
Application :

PP Folding Box for food packing
PP Folding Box for souvenir packing
PP Folding Box for stationery packing
PP Folding Box for packaging boxes
PP Folding Box for packing box
PP Folding Box for moving boxes
PP Folding Box for cheap moving boxes
PP fodling box for shoes box

Specification :

Thickness & Size: As per buyer's request

Main Export Markets :

North America
Central/South America

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Elastin International Corp. is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of folding boxes. Our aim is to offer quality standard equipment to our clients, which are made in accordance with international standards. Elastin International Corp. is a leading independent supplier of folding boxes, centrally located in Taiwan to service all areas of the country easily and effectively and with our own transport for flexibility and speed. We have always laid all our focus on our customers, their needs and demands which helped us develop products that meet their exact requirements.